Friday, March 13, 2009

12 of 12 - March 2009

12 of 12 on an average Joni day? Boring.

12 of 12 on a work day? Boring x 2.

12 of 12 on a really busy work day? Boring x 10.

12 of 12 on a really busy work day and you have an allergy headache that has prevented you from sleeping for the last 2 days? Boring x infinity.

Still - here we go.

Just after midnight - wishing my dear friend Ali Happy Birthday on the Facebook. I liked how the photo sort of has that gauzy effect, like all the aging female celebs seem to have when filming their close-ups. Not that Ali is aging and needs special effects - she is still young and lovely.

Sometime before dawn - Playing airport shuttle for some friends. I live so close to the airport I can usually get them there and be back home in bed in under 15 minutes. It would have been a great photo op had I thought about 12 of 12 before I pulled away from dropping them off. Still, I tried to grab a shot of the airport as I passed, but it is hard to drive, focus and click all at the same time. Still, liked this one anyway.

6:50 am - Was able to slow down enough at one point to get the Fly Delta Jets sign off in the distance.
6:52 am - and home again.

6:53 am - The full moon over my house.

8:50 am - Arriving at work, watching the planes go by. Just to the lower left of the trees on the right you can see the airport control tower in the distance. I can also see it from my front porch at home.

5:10 pm - My arch nemesis and the creator of my raging allergy headache.

5:15 pm - The headache and lack of sleep was killing me, so I ended up heading home a little early and was greeted by my neighbor's dog Jackson. I had no treats, so he lost interest in me quickly.

5:30 pm - Lying in bed, trying to fall asleep, but I'm so sleepy that I can't fall asleep. Hoping the Benedryl will help......

5:31 pm - until then I'll roll over and stare at the ceiling fan.

6:25 pm - OK - I finally fall asleep and then I swear I just heard someone scream. Whatever it was, it woke me up and so I went to eek out the front door window, but nothing seems amiss. OMG - I think I have officially leaped over my mother and turned into my Grandmother.

6:30 pm, 8:14 pm, 9:27 pm, etc. - This was my view for the next several hours while I dozed and woke up about half a dozen times through the evening. Still have a headache, which I anticipate should last until about October.