Thursday, February 12, 2009

12 of 12 - February 2009

Hello and welcome to this month's 12 of 12. New to 12 of 12? Go check out Chad's blog for the details. However, beware - Chad has had a rough few months after being diagnosed with testicular cancer and his photos of late can be a little squirm inducing - especially for the guys. I think his documentation of his journey has been at times heartbreaking, other times funny, and always inspiring. But, it ain't for everyone, so just wanted to put that out there.

So, away we go.....
12:01 am - After having a horrible bout with leg cramps earlier in the evening (and I know Mom - "Eat a banana") I'm still trying to get through Wednesday's episode of Lost on the TiFaux. Here we have Jack, Ben (not Henry) and Sun arriving to meet with a mystery woman.....

12:02 am - when out of the darkness comes ......... Desmond!! Love me some Desmond!!!

12:10 am - Finally thru with Lost, I decide to check emails and Facebook one last time before I'm off to bed and dangit! I see that my friend Laura's husband has beat by High Score on that major time-sucker, Bejeweled Blitz - how can I sleep now knowing that I no longer have the high score???

8:40 am - Had to get into my "Decor Drawer" to pull some extra paint samples to take to my new friend Susan after work this evening. She has bought and older home a few blocks over and is renovating it while living in it. God bless her heart. (Left hand side is my bedroom paint & soon to be drapes. Right side is my dining room paint and soon to be drapes.)

11:02 am - Finally arriving at work after taking a few hours of personal time. The lobby is decorated for Valentine's Day. I really need to see about bidding on the job where you put up balloons and posters around the building every time there is a celebration - I bet it pays more than mine does.

11:12 am - Checking some weather forecasts before finalizing some additional off day slots for the upcoming holiday. As long as the green isn't over Atlanta or New York, it should be OK.

5:55 pm - Getting ready to leave work, I realize that I have been far too busy to take any photos during my short day, so I tried to find something in my office that you haven't seen before. These are sort of new - I won them in a trivia contest we had at work. The topic was "Things about Minnesota" and the prizes were items from a huge "Minnesota" basket sent to our building from our new coworkers in Minneapolis. These are photos of pink & white lady's slippers (What is the State Flower of Minnesota, Alex?)

6:20 pm - Here, I am just turning on to the street that has given me a life long phobia. When I was growing up, my mom and grandmother use to jokingly call one of the local streets "Bad Luck Street" because of all the terrible and tragic things that either happened on the street or to people they knew that lived on the street. The one time I ever remember being on the street in my 20s, something bad happened to one of the people I was with. After that, I wouldn't go down that street for anything. Even after I moved into the community and met people who lived on the street, I would make excuses to not attend their parties because I was irrationally afraid of the damn street. Finally, about two years ago (and after a lot of therapy), I started making small attempts to at least go as far as the first driveway, and then turn around and get the heck out of there. Since then, I even managed to go to a party at one of the houses, although it was tough to stay very long. If I hadn't had Katie with me, I probably wouldn't have made it more than 15 minutes. Anyway, all this long story to say -

6:21 pm - guess where Susan lives????
It turned out that she was stuck in traffic, so all I had to do was drop the paint chips off in her mailbox and then make a break for it. But I hope that she has only good luck in her new home, because she seems like a seriously awesome person - an not just because she has the same Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Mythology-heavy TV obsession that I do.

6:23 pm - Made it safely to the end of "Bad Luck Street" in one piece. And there is my office on the other side of the tracks.

7:25 pm - Watching last night's episode of Law & Order while I prepare dinner. Is it just me, or when they post this at the beginning of an episode does said episode almost always seem to mirror something that was in the news about 6-8 weeks ago???

10:20 pm - About to start on the 12 of 12 blog and notice my BF Traci's photo albums that I still haven't finished scanning (Sorry Tray! Will finish this weekend, I promise!)
So, thanks for playing and I'm off to bed.