Thursday, August 28, 2008

Who knew???

....that I could fix a refrigerator all by myself?

I sure as hell didn't know.

But somehow, after spending an hour or two of cleaning up all the water in the floor from the melted ice and running all over my neighborhood storing my frozen food in various neighbor's freezers, I was able to sit down quietly, look over the situation, and figure out that two of the doohickeys with the wires coming out of them that plug into each other had ever so slightly jiggled themselves loose from each other. And, after tightening them just a bit - Presto - freezer starts freezing again.

It was also a wonderful opportunity to toss out everything in the freezer and fridge that were this close to expiring, and that I probably wasn't going to eat anyway.

Too bad the same thing can't happen to my closet, so I could be inspired to toss out those clothes that expired in 1996, or that I have no intention of wearing.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Scan of the Day

I'm trying to limit myself to 10 a day. At least for now.

So here is my favorite Olan Mills shot of myself at age 4. Not sure if I had freckles, or if the photo is just dirty.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Up and Running

Neighbor Kirk came over and set up my scanner for me today. (Love neighbor Kirk)

I'm fighting the urge to sit here for the next 72 hours straight scanning every photo that I ever owned (and seeing how it looks in sepia tone) but I am going to fight the urge and try to do something more productive instead. Like eat dinner, take a shower, take out the trash.

But, before I close up shop for the night, I thought I'd share one of the test scans for your viewing enjoyment.

That's me at the Spouting Horn in Kauai in about 1970. I was young, cute, weighed less than 100 pounds and was on an all expenses paid (by my Dad) vacation in frikin Hawaii. Life was good.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ouch Xs 2

Excerpts from conversation in Joni's doctor's office this afternoon -

Dr: "Well, if both knees are in such terrible pain since your surgery, we might be able to do some steroid shots to help ease the pain for a few months while we decide what to do."

Me: "If it will give me some relief without being drugged all day and night - OK."

Dr: "Oh, it will help a lot. Most people feel immediate relief."

Cut to moments after first shot goes into left knee...

Me: "Crap! That stings."

Dr: "It should pass in a minute or so."

Shot goes into right knee....

Me: "Oh man, that one is even worse. It feels like it is moving around in both of my knees, like little alien babies are in there and trying to find a way out."

Dr: "Yeah - sometimes you don't get relief right away. Sometimes, it actually makes you feel worse for 2 or 3 days before you start feeling better."

Me (possessed by Chandler Bing): "Gee Doc, do you think that was something you could have mentioned BEFORE you shot cranky alien babies into my knees? Could you BE any more of an ass?"

The End.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

12 of 12 - August 2008

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the suckiest 12 of 12 on record. Or at least it feels that way.

I spent a good portion of the last 24 hours at the hospital - first in the sleep lab, then in the morning having some other assorted tests run. Once I got home, I took no fewer than 3 showers trying to get the gunk from all the electrodes out of my hair. So, since I couldn't take photos during the tests (although, I did manage to slip a few in) and I wasn't taking the camera into one of my many showers (although I came close), I had very limited options to choose from today. But heck, it was still probably better than a day at work. So here we go......

This one is technically a cheat. It was just after arriving at the sleep lab on the 11th. But, they hadn't plugged me in or turned on the cameras yet, so I snapped a quick one. I figured, it was the 12th in England or China or somewhere, and some other 12 of 12er was already snapping pictures, so why not me too?

Sometime in the middle of the night - They don't really have any way for you to know what time it is in the sleep lab. No clocks, and the windows are all blacked out. I felt the call of nature, so I had to call the technician in so that she could unattach me from the big machine. Of course, I still had all the little wires attached to me, and I had to schlep to the bathroom with what is basically a big surge protector with 10,000 wires all plugged into it hanging off my neck. Anyway, again with the sneaky photo opp before she came to plug me back in. It is my pillow and blanket (it was damn cold in that place) and it was the only photo that even remotely came out without using the flash.

Again, no idea what time it is here. I'm gonna go with "early" - They woke me up, had me fill out some paperwork, and now I'm waiting to go for my EEG. More electrodes and paste in my hair - weeee!

A few minutes after "early" - Apple juice. It's what's for breakfast.

Post hospital - A self-portrait - if you look close enough. Finally home and am on my second attempt at getting electrode adhesive out of my hair. I feel like I'm in kindergarten again, and that some mean girl has dumped paste in my hair. Except instead of the mean girl, it was some lab tech that I think was the inspiration for "ZaZu" from the SNL Boston teens skit.

Post shower, pre-nap - I went out to get the mail, and noticed that my crepe myrtle finally started blooming. Maybe it will fill out enough to block the view of all of my dried out, dead azaleas.

Post nap - My (early) birthday gift from my mother, and I still haven't set it up yet. I know that the minute that I do, I will do nothing but scan old family photos for hours on end and never get anything else done ever again.

Oh crap! Speaking of birthday presents reminded me that when I was packing my overnight bag for the hospital yesterday, I found the present that I took all the way to LA for my cousin Bonnie (MCB) last month when I surprised her for her birthday, and then in all the excitement, forgot to give her. Must find a mailing box.

But first, wanted to show off my new curtains for the office area and living room. Next door neighbor Katie made them for me, as well as an ottoman cover from the leftover scraps. The girl is industrious. What I love about the curtains is that sometimes, they just look like your average solid cream colored curtains.

But then the sun comes out, and you get a nice little surprise when the flowers show up.

Later in the evening - Looking over some photos that I took over the weekend when I took my nephew to the art museum. I think that I ended up taking more photos of the building and surrounding architecture than I did of what was actually on display in the museum....

although I did manage to get this picture to help MCB out with the "Great Sofa/Couch Debate of 'Ought 8." According to the art community, this is a "Sofa."

And speaking of sofas, I think I'll adjorn to my own now and catch a little bit if the Olympics (swimming and gymnastics is so much more fun to watch at 3x speed), followed by the Rescue Me minisode and a repeat of The Office on TBS. Tonight is one of my faves - a bat gets loose in the office ("If a vampire bat was in the U.S., it would make sense for it to come to a “sylvania.” Like Penn-sylvania.") and the reactions of the supporting characters is hysterical - Angela actually Stops, Drops, and Rolls. Also, Jim pretends that he was bit by the bat and makes Dwight think that he is turning into a vampire (episode directed by Joss Whedon of Buffy fame, so of course, vampire reference is so very appropriate. and yes, I'm a geek for knowing that.)

So, thank you for taking a trip through my day, suck (leaving that typo in) as it was.