Tuesday, May 12, 2009

12 of 12 - May 2009

The Joni Blog has been on hiatus -but we are back today with a new episode/entry. It is time for 12 of 12. New to 12 of 12? Go here for the rules and background.

After accidentally taking April's 12 of 12 off (and pretty much taking off blogging in any regard as well), I was really geared up to come back with a vengeance for May's 12 of 12. Unfortunately, today was one of those days that was better off forgotten and not documented in pictures. Still, I wanted to try and crawl out of my uncreative hole and do something.

Basically, spent the day going to and from the doctor's office/hospital twice, with 6 hours of fast and furious work squeezed in the middle. Not a lot of photo ops, but I tried.

7:40 am - On the road to the doctor's office. Left early since they are working on the road....

8:05 am - but still managed to arrive a little late. Got to see the emergency helicopter land though.

9:25 am - Through with Dr. visit #1 and headed back to work. Tried to just hold the camera up and snap as I drove. Ended up with a lot of photos of blurry greenery, blurry construction barrels and the barns above.

5:10 pm -No time to take any pictures while at work and the traffic was too crazy headed back down to the hospital for my x-rays and blood work. But, I did get one shot while waiting on the technician to come back (aww - x-ray machine looks like it has a puppy face.) I think I spent another 12 of 12 in this room. In fact, I think I've spent several 12 of 12s in this building. It has been a sucky couple of years health wise.

6:20 pm - Almost back home again. This is the bridge that connects two of the buildings at the big D.

6:30 pm - So, I get home and realize I have 7 more photos to go, and I'm not planning on doing anything for the rest of the evening except laundry & dishes. So, here is a quick review of some of the new things I've done around the house. Moved the couch yet again in the living room. (now facing the fireplace.)

6:31 pm - Made a Family Tree (with the help of a do-it-yourself kit given to me by my friend Kristie.) Still have some more to add to some of the branches, but figured I could at least hang it while it was in progress.

6:32 pm - Topped that with photos of my parents and grandparents.

6:33 pm - Hung a huge print (4' x 5') of the Atlanta Airport circa 1940 with the help of my very talented friend Dale.

6:35 pm - and accompanied them with some other old airline related prints from the archives.

6:40 pm - and finally finished the dining room. My piano bench was previously covered with that green & gold vinyl stuff from 1970. Thankfully, my neighbor Katie was able to recover the bench so it would match the room (and so I wouldn't stick to it in the summer anymore)

6:42 pm - and she also made curtains for the dining room and tea stained my old white table cloth to match. So, now I'm finally ready for my first dinner party in the new house - well, as soon as I learn to cook or find the name of a great caterer. Or maybe I'll just order pizza and buy lots of good beer and hope no one notices.